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Company Newsmore...
TAHEC has cooperated with Tubes China Co., Ltd.2013-10-11
Iron ore, resources stocks push market up2012-3-19
460 units rolling batch of thin-walled hydraulic props tube successful first time2011-4-28
T95 TP-CQ special buckle casing succeed in export processing base2011-4-28
Unit 168 strengthen small diameter production organization2011-4-28
Trade Newsmore...
ASEAN HRC Steel import prices drop to $354 a ton2015-7-2
United States Raw Steel production advances slightly to 1,733,000 net tons2015-7-1
Germany Iron Ore imports rise 8.2% in Mar: Eurostat2015-7-1
France iron ore imports declined in April2015-6-30
South Africa iron ore exports declined in Apr 20152015-6-30
India iron ore exports plunged in March2015-6-29
Ferrous scrap prices plunge to lowest levels on falling rebar2015-6-23
South Korean HRC Steel prices remain steady in May: MEPS2015-6-23

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