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Company Newsmore...
Tubes China will attend the Tube & Wire Dusseldorf 2016 during 3rd -8th April2016-4-1
Our companys associated company,Tianjin Pipe Group Corporation innovated independently and reached new height.2016-4-1
TAHEC has cooperated with Tubes China Co., Ltd.2013-10-11
Iron ore, resources stocks push market up2012-3-19
460 units rolling batch of thin-walled hydraulic props tube successful first time2011-4-28
Trade Newsmore...
Global Gold demand continues shifting from East To West2016-5-26
Main sea freight index at Baltic Exchange down further to 618 points2016-5-26
Global Steel Associations Condemn Overproduction2016-5-25
ASEAN HRC Steel import prices plummet further to $438 a ton2016-5-25
Iron Ore Prices Continue to Defy Gravity, Can They Keep Rising?2016-5-25
Nordic region domestic Steel prices advance substantially2016-5-24
ASEAN HRC Steel import prices continue to decline to $465 a ton2016-5-24
Main sea freight index at Baltic Exchange continues to fall to 634 points2016-5-24

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