Jiangsu Huacheng Industry Pipe Making Corporation belongs to Jiangsu Huacheng Group. It is a professional steel tube manufacturer in China . It products all specifications of seamless steel tubes, high mid low pressure boiler tubes, alloy tubes, fluid-filled tubes, cold-drawn pipe, precision bright tubes, longitudinal welded pipe, steel tubes using for geological petroleum exploration drilling, steel tubes special for vessel, figured steel, shaped steel tubes, etc. It has world class heat treatment from Loi Thermal Process GmbH to assure our tubes on high quality level. The tubes are widely used into energy industry such as oil equipments, heat exchanger, boiler etc, and also Auto field etc,

The enterprise annual outputs steel tube are about 200,000 tons: including bearing tubes 50,000 tons, high quality carbon and alloy steel tubes 100,000 tons, cold drown welded precision tubes 70,000 tons. The maximum length of the finished tubes is 25Metrm and the size range is OD (6-325) mm, WT (0.89-25) mm. The precision of part of the tubes can meet the level of (OD-0/+0.05) mm.

The enterprise has set warm business relationships with China No.1 Automobile, Shanghai Volkswagen, American GE, Lanzhou Petro-Chemical Plant, Lanzhou Electricity and other automobile manufacturers or Petro-Chemical companies. Furthermore, the company has been appointed as high quality row-materials supplier by the clients of USA , UK , Germany , Korea , India , and Australia , Taiwan and other countries and areas.