Tianjin Pipe Group Corporation is the largest casing production base in China, with its short form as TPCO. This project is China national key project during Eighth-five, which commenced in 1989,  its trial production succeeded in 1992 and formal production was in 1996. Its previous design is billiets of 600 000 tons and seamless tubes of 500 000 tons annually, among which casing of 350 000 tons. High and medium pressure boiler tubes, high pressure gas cylinder tubes, hydraulic cylinder tubes, line pipe are also included as its major products. After decades of hard working, it has been in the leading position of worldwide seamless tube manufacturers, changed our history of long term dependence on exportation for casing and become our countrys main force of this industry in global competition.

Tianjin Big Seamless has insistently persevere in high start and high standard. At the beginning of establishment, it has introduced then the worlds most advanced steel-making, tube-rolling, tube-processing and direct iron reducing equipments and techniques, equiped with perfect automatic system and become a specialized casing manufacturer with most advanced techniques and of largest scale in China in 1990s. Since its formal production, it has insistently pursued advance without any pause and kept its advantage in techniques by continous technical renovation. Furthermore, it has jointly reasearched and developed core techniques with foreign countries, and newly constructed the worlds first PQF unit. Its output of seamless tubes and core equiping technique has been the top four in the worlds steel tube group and it has possessed the capability of manufacturing complete equipemnt of metallurgy and going abroad. In March, 2007,    

It won the bidding of Belarus steel tube project together with Ciemarc Mille (Germany) and thus achieved the transform from technology importing enterprise to technology exporting enterprise.

    TPCO has carried out the management aiming at creating the worlds first class enterprise, in 2003 it obtained the first prize of the 9th National Enterprise Management Modernization Innovation, in 2006 it obtained the first prize of 13th National Enterprise Management Modernization Innovation again. By strengthening informatization construction and carry out ERP management, it has become the top 500 informationalized Chinese enterprise and win the title of Tianjin Double Excellent Enterprise, in 2004 it won National May 1st Labor prize.

TPCO established National technique centre and has advanced steel tube processing and production line and solid research power. Its products have developed from its previous designed three grades to 25 grades, 235 varieties amd thousands of specifications, among which 62 has supplied the domestic gap and won 33 national patent and shaped TP products series of its own intellectual property rights. Its casing have been Chinese Famous Brand, seamless tubes have been National Inspection-free products and China Famous Export Commodity. In 2002, it won the title of National Quality Management Excellent Enterprise. Its research findings of new craftsmanship and new techniques won two 2nd prize of National Technical Progress and eighteen provincial technical progress prize.

TPCO insists on the principle of taking human as its basis, achieve the common development of employees and enterprise, every year selects a group of expert techiciens to read for master of different majors in national key institutes, formulates a series encouraging policy and measures and provides a stage for their development.

Taking your wisdom, our managemtn, our common future as its motto, the advancing TPCO welcomes friends from all circles to creat a more brilliant future together with us.